Month: April 2017

Wanderlust Journal 4 – Full Moon at Seaforth

I never get tired of the moon. The only question is…where will I be when I look at it next?! 

This time I’m at Fishermans Reserve in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. It’s just beyond Lawrencetown Beach. 

I often come out this way after some time at the beach. There’s some great little scenic spots along the way, as well as some trails that I have yet to explore, but soon will! 

This spot is just down Fishermans Reserve and just before the sign that says no trespassing on the Reserve. (I’ve been there before the trespassing sign was put in place, it’s small fishing shacks, smaller than my city apartment!) 

You can drive up to the rocks, then walk down and you will find this rocky shore. It’s quite peaceful and a beautiful place to watch the sunset, or check out the moon. 

(Full Moon April 9, 2017)