Month: May 2017

Wanderlust Journal 5 – The Valley

The first stop was the view of the Grand-Pré landscape. You get to this spot by driving Old Post Road and there’s a look off that you can park your vehicle and take in the spectacular view. The church in the picture is the Grand-Pré national historic site. (We’ll give photo credit to my mom on the perfectly placed tree pic below.)

We spotted rows of Apple Blossom trees from the road in Wolfville. So we stopped to check them out. 

We then stopped in at Hennigar’s Farm Market. It’s not your typical farmers market as we were surprised to find a small nature park in the back with goats, bunnies, a crowing rooster, a trail and about 100 Koi fish in the pond. 

The walk around the Town of Wolfville was pretty cool. It’s a quaint little town buzzing with students and cute little shops. I could smell Tans coffee from quite a distance! Check out the Acadia Theatre, the train tracks by the water, and of course the harbour front, which is the Minas Basin that connects to the Bay of Fundy. 

The Grand Pre National Historic Site was beautiful. The few people that were there were leaving as we arrived. There’s a path that takes you around the building. There’s so much to see but here’s my favourites, a small taste of what you will find. 

The historic site is on a long stretch of road. We decided to take a random left turn to see what would happen. We found a sign that said “Evangeline Beach.” So we followed the signs that lead us to this…

Another random turn led us to these these beautiful cows before heading to the Just Us coffee shop on the main road before heading on the highway back home. 

The valley in Nova Scotia is truly worth a visit. I know there’s still more for me to explore so I’ll be back again!