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Pandemic Thoughts


It’s never going to end. I don’t know how to plan for the future anymore. What if grocery shopping kills someone? Too many people are dying. Did I touch my face? Wash my hands, wash my hands, wash my hands. I’m scared, anxious, and I’m starting to feel a sinking feeling.

I was handling it well at first; positive and hopeful, but the last few days I can’t stop worrying. These thoughts circle in my mind over and over. When I turn on the news I fall apart. It’s the deaths of those in long term facilities and the coffins filled with dead bodies around the world that makes me cry my eyes out. Many families are losing loved ones and it’s so heartbreaking. I have to limit the news, but I also don’t want to be in the dark either. The problem is the news is ever evolving. The big red banner on the TV never stops saying, “BREAKING NEWS.” Social media doesn’t help with the worrying either. So much news and too many people sharing information that may or may not be true. I’ve been limiting social media over the last few days as well.

Although the news is devastating, I know I need to try to keep my head on straight while I’m home. I’ve been keeping myself busy with schoolwork – my final semester. What a memory this will be. Thankfully, I’ve found a routine through all of this. I have coffee in the morning and listen to a guided mediation, then go for a walk in my neighbourhood – less people out in the morning. I do schoolwork until Justin Trudeau comes on at noon. I do more schoolwork until the Nova Scotia Government comes on at 3:00 pm. I exercise in the evening and I’ve been eating well. I finish the night off with a with a movie; it’s nice to escape this reality for a bit. I think if I didn’t do these things, I would lose my mind and sink into depression, but keeping a good routine is helping me.

Grocery shopping is terrible. I have to be in the moment and focused. I’ve been shopping twice. The first time I told a friend I washed the groceries and my friend told me I went overboard, but I know you’re supposed to disinfect, so I keep doing that. I buy groceries for my mom. I keep them at my house for three or four days before delivering them because she’s high risk. I’m not sure if I am. I get bronchitis every year. I once had it for a couple months. I needed two prescriptions to get rid of it. So, I do wonder if I’m at risk. I don’t even want to think about it. I’m just being as cautious as I can for everyone.

I’m feeling sadder with each passing day. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but this week has been really hard to do that when there’s no hope that things will be back to normal anytime soon. I know the government is saying we will see a large increase in Covid cases before we see reductions, so I have to try harder to remain confident that we will see the end of this. I’m so thankful for our Government being reliable to update us everyday around the same time. I need these consistencies and it helps me to weed out fake news.

I realized it’s been more than two years since my last post here. I’ve been so busy with school, but this will be ending soon, and the uncertain future will be on my mind. Maybe writing here will be good. It’s just my little online space to say whatever and maybe this will help with the sadness I feel from the Covid-19 Pandemic.





Sullivan’s Pond 

An evening walk around Sullivan’s Pond; a pond I’ve walked around so many times; a pond I once fell in after being bitten by the famous geese that live here. Ah memories!

This place has the most beautiful flowers.

This is Pekoe. Pekoe cat has been hanging around this area for years; I thought the ducks would be bothered by Pekoe getting a drink, but they didn’t care at all!

The geese are such a part of our lives here. When I say our, I mean the locals; there is so much love for them from the community.

Even though it was these geese who bit me, (causing me to fall in the pond, leaving my father in tears from laughter while I cried in my soaked jeans) and even though they still sometimes follow and I fear they will bite me, I too love them.

Such good memories while walking around this pond. I laugh every time I see the spot I fell in. I love it here. This classic part of our city!

Forest Deep

I don’t know what I was thinking; Sometimes my spontaneity takes me a little too far into the woods!

I was walking in the Cole Harbour Heritage Park. There’s multiple paths you can take, and if you stay on the man made paths you will eventually make a loop.

However, this fine day, while taking one of the man made paths that I haven’t taken before, I saw a path in the bushes that lead to the woods.

I’m curious and figured I’ve hiked enough, I’ll be just fine, I decided to take the path and see what would happen!

Walking through the path the grass was long and the bush was thick. Maybe I should’ve turned back when I came across a large tree down blocking the path that I had to climb over, or the second large tree, or when my fear of ticks took over but no, I kept going.

I was about to climb over one more down tree when a bird that I’m not familiar with squawked very loudly at me from another tree. It startled me so badly, I screamed! This is when I finally decided to turn back. I felt like it was a sign.

When I turned back, this was my view. Green everywhere. I knew to just go straight, but really, I had no idea where I was going to end up in the first place; by the water was my guess. But I hadn’t considered what wild animal I might come across, or maybe a weirdo in the woods!

When I got back on the main path there was a small bird bouncing along. This little bird bounced along until I was back to a familiar area, where I continued on with my hike, which was not as adventurous as the start of it!

Atlantic View Trail

I have been so busy with school and work that I haven’t had anytime to spend doing what I love most – hiking & exploring. I decided that it was time that I make time.

After many drives to lawrencetown, I would look off into the distance and see a trail. So, I decided on this fall day to check it out. To my surprise, this trail runs through a horse stable.

It was so beautiful; green grass for the horses. What a nice start to the hike!

I eventually came to a road, that would take me away from the Atlantic View Trail and turn into the Salt Marsh Trail. It was a cold day, so I decided to walk back. I found this dock with a bench. I bet it’s a nice place to relax in the summer.

Oh hey!

The ocean wasn’t far; I could just slightly hear the sound of waves, which made this a peaceful hike.


I took my first yoga class! I have done yoga at home many times, but to take a class was a different and awesome experience!

I walked into a large room that was lit only by the light from the windows and Himalayan salt rocks that were placed on the floor along the perimeter of the room.

We started our class. We did poses for one hour. Then we were lead into a group mediation. We were on the floor for maybe ten minutes. I didn’t know how I would feel with a group mediation, but it was cool to lay silent with people who were on the same energy field as myself. I laid there fascinated by the experience, completely in the moment and listening to all the sounds that I so often block out.

After the class was over I thanked my teacher and explained how cool I thought that was. She called me a “Yogini.” I felt set for the rest of the day. Namaste.