Wanderlust Journal 11 – Salt Marsh Trail

It was love at first sight. I came back three days in a row! 

The first day I came here it was foggy with a little rain. Look at this amazing view. There’s a sign just before the first bridge that explains there used to be a train that transported goods over the bridge back in the old days. 

The Marsh has a lot of seagulls. They fish here all day long, it’s interesting to watch. 

Just as you enter and leave the park, you may see these guys, and they’re big! 

Day 2: Confirmed – Seagull territory! I felt like I needed a secret password to cross the bridge!  

Day 3: Cool find #1 – The infamous red chair made into a birdhouse.

Cool find #2: I love the pattern as the water meets the sand, and the lines in the sand. For some reason the lines in the sand reminds me of Mars! 

This place is amazing. I’ve been here quite a few times since I took these pictures and I have many more to post. This place has become my absolute favorite trail in all of Halifax!

Wanderlust Journal 10 – Laurie Park 

I came here just before the park opened for the season. If you’re coming during the off season, you have to park your car in the front parking lot, or if during high season you can bring your car in to one of the spots with a picnic table for day use. 

There are a variety of spots, my personal favorite are the ones by the lake. There are some that have picnic tables almost in the water! 

There’s also a variety of paths you can walk. It’s good for moderate walkers as there’s some hills. 

As mentioned, I came during off season so there weren’t a lot of people. It was quite peaceful. 

Laurie Provincial Park is great for bird watchers, which I’ve recently become more interested in during my hikes.

As I was walking towards the lake there were several chirping birds along the way, that made this a memorable day! 

Wanderlust Journal 8 – Lawrencetown Beach 

I guess we all need a little solo time. I’m on a major health kick, and hiking has become one of my favourite things to do. 

I came out to Lawrencetown Beach to walk the paths that lead to the beach. As many times as I’ve been here I’ve never done this before.

It was so nice to hear the sound of waves while walking in an area I didn’t really give much attention to before. 

After reaching my goal, I went toward the beach and found a nice spot to relax on the rocks.

The sun beating down on me, I looked left, I looked right and there was no one in sight! This never happens! 

It was amazing! It was the most solitude I’ve had in a while, and at my favorite place. It was perfection. 

I stayed there on the rocks for about 30 minutes before I saw some surfers and dog walkers. That moment was meant just for me, I suppose. And how great of a moment it was. 

Wanderlust Journal 7 – MacCormacks Beach 

Explore the shore for rocks and shells. The sand is so soft, the water so cold. 

I suppose it is the ocean afterall, but as an ocean lover I’ve been patiently waiting for warm ocean swimming. 

Beach posts and sunsets…Were these posts always here? I don’t remember them from last year. I like them, it gives me a vibe of a beach I’ve seen but never been. 

I’m here a lot. The boardwalk has become my health and fitness track. I can’t imagine a better place to work out. 

Wanderlust Journal 6 – Victoria Park

This was my first time at Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia, and let me tell you there are some treasures to be found here! 

Probably the most exciting thing about this park was walking in and knowing there would be waterfalls but not quite knowing what the extent of the waterfalls would be. A random trip suggested by a friend the night before, I didn’t have time to do any research, but knowing there would be waterfalls was good enough for me! 

This is a great park for exercise as the trails are a mix of different terrain. There are a lot of steep hills and a lot of stairs, such as Jacobs Ladder! 

There are two parts to the ladder. When you make it up the first part there is an area to rest and then the next part is just a bit smaller. It’s quite a challenge to make it up the this ladder without taking a break. 

I’ve been working out a ton and lost 15 lbs recently and I was certain my newly built stamina would get me to the top but I definitely had to take a break! But that’s the fun part of the challenge to try again next time! 

During our hike we came across the wishing well. What a cool find! What did I wish for? Well, that’s a secret! 

There’s a ton to see in this huge park. Lots of different trails, a few waterfalls, and different places to sit to take in the amazing views. We spent a few hours here and walked just over 9 klm.