Daily Journal 7: Undefeated 

An afternoon hike at the Salt Marsh Trail. The soundtrack was Incubus.

“Maybe there’s a poem in reverse
Spoken and it holds me out forever
Man it breaks my heart a little bit
That love is like a blind archer
Tryin’ to shoot an apple off my head

I’m not dead yet
I’m not dead yet, no
I’m bent but not broken
And I’m not dead yet
Not yet

We’re undefeated, bent but not broken
No, they ain’t seen nothing yet.” – Incubus, “Undefeated”

Video: Undefeated by Incubus

Daily Journal 4 – Conrads Beach 

Two friends in bad moods with plans made. We almost cancelled, but we didn’t. So, the destination…to the beach! 

Our bad moods turned into friends laughing, talking, and day dreaming about things we want to do. 

And memories of a previous time. 

A good friend forces you to go to the beach when you’re not in a good mood, because that friend knows the beach is your favorite place and it will instantly change your mood around. And it did! 

Wanderlust Journal 10 – Laurie Park 

I came here just before the park opened for the season. If you’re coming during the off season, you have to park your car in the front parking lot, or if during high season you can bring your car in to one of the spots with a picnic table for day use. 

There are a variety of spots, my personal favorite are the ones by the lake. There are some that have picnic tables almost in the water! 

There’s also a variety of paths you can walk. It’s good for moderate walkers as there’s some hills. 

As mentioned, I came during off season so there weren’t a lot of people. It was quite peaceful. 

Laurie Provincial Park is great for bird watchers, which I’ve recently become more interested in during my hikes.

As I was walking towards the lake there were several chirping birds along the way, that made this a memorable day! 

Laser-Focused 17

I’m not sure what happened to me, but when I think back to the person I was almost two months ago, I don’t recognize myself. It’s a damn good thing. 

At that time, I had ended something with someone, regretted it, and put myself through hell because of it. Now, I know why I made that decision, I’m more confident and aware of myself than I’ve ever been. It’s a damn good thing. 

I believe it was inevitable that this would’ve happened. I feel it was absolutely necessary for me to do the soul searching I needed to do or else no relationship would’ve ever lasted for me. I guess I felt so terrible that I had to lose someone to make that happen. I beat myself up for three straight weeks about that. 

Once I learned the power of forgiveness, including forgiving myself, everything changed. I felt a weight lift off me. My life was transforming. It felt so good that I wasn’t ready to stop. There was more work to do. 

I started making changes in my daily life – getting up early, eating healthy, working out, followed by meditation, which I think is the number one source of what’s bringing me calmness of the mind and inner peace. There was always this lingering anxiety…it’s gone. 

I appreciate the time I share with people more. I started spending less time on social media, and doing more of the things I like. I read more, I write more, I study more and I laugh more. I find myself more in the moment and not worrying about the future. I’m present. I’m happy!

I started feeling this permanent surge of positive energy flow through me. Things don’t bother me quite like they used to. I feel confident with myself, and after feeling crappy for so long, long before the last heartbreak, I finally have a sense of peace within. And it’s new, and I’ve never felt this. 

So as 2017 kicks in, I don’t bother to make any resolutions, I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. No “New year, New me.” For the last month or so it’s been, “New me, right now.”

I’m stepping into 2017 laser-focused. It’s the best I’ve ever felt. My goals are strategically planned, my body, mind and energy are aligned and positive. I’ve let go of the past and my heart is finally opened. It’s a damn good thing! 

“So here I am alive at last, and I’ll savor every moment of this.” – The Used – The Taste of Ink