Mémoire 1 

I decided to walk to my destination. Naturally, Google maps took me on a walkabout, but it was cool as it lead me past my first elementary school. 

I was slightly in awe as I walked from the back to the front. There was the schoolyard I once spent time in; memories of my first and only bee sting. The bee landed on my chin I didn’t know what to do, so I smacked it! It stung, I cried. It was a terrible experience. 

I remember questioning life at an early age.  I figured since I was at school and teachers had all the knowledge, that my teacher could tell me how the first child on earth was born. She kept playing it off like she didn’t understand my question. Now I understand that she couldn’t give me that answer! 

I remember getting sick at this school. Eveyone was on an outing but I was in the bathroom quite ill. I went to the secretary to call my parents. There was no answer because they were both at work, and there were no cell phone back then! I went back to my desk, packed my things and walked out! 

On my walk home, my dad pulled up beside me in the car. He had just finished work. I was so happy to not walk the rest of the way home. And my dad was so impressed that I made my own decision to leave and head home, although had I not run into my dad I have no idea what I would’ve done once I got home! Maybe pass out on the front lawn!

As I walked around to the front, my fondest memory of the first day of school came to me. Both of my parents dropped me off. They waited in the car for me to go in. I cried. I didn’t want to go to school. My dad started crying, more than me! 

As I write these memories, on my first mémoire, I can see each memory perfectly in my mind. It’s crazy how I can remember details this many years later as if it were yesterday. I can feel now, just as I did when I was a kid!