I took my first yoga class! I have done yoga at home many times, but to take a class was a different and awesome experience!

I walked into a large room that was lit only by the light from the windows and Himalayan salt rocks that were placed on the floor along the perimeter of the room.

We started our class. We did poses for one hour. Then we were lead into a group mediation. We were on the floor for maybe ten minutes. I didn’t know how I would feel with a group mediation, but it was cool to lay silent with people who were on the same energy field as myself. I laid there fascinated by the experience, completely in the moment and listening to all the sounds that I so often block out.

After the class was over I thanked my teacher and explained how cool I thought that was. She called me a “Yogini.” I felt set for the rest of the day. Namaste.